Ms. Hollywood Story

@Ms.Hollywood__, better known as Bee, is the creator and sole proprietor behind the Bee Hollywood™ brand of products and service, with the sole purpose to use her expertise in helping women feel and look their best, inside and out.   As a licensed senior cosmetologist with a passion for healthy hair care, she endeavors to provide her clients with a unique opportunity to “experience beautiful hair in a healthy way”.  Spending time working in different salons and taking classes from some of the best in the industry has endowed her with an innumerous amount of knowledge.  

However, Bee not only strives to hone her craft as a hairstylist, but leverages her experiences and higher education to create a relaxing, but professional experience for her clients.  As a former Rehabilitation Services professional and a coma-survivor, Bee services her Stars with the patience and understanding of the value of the smallest enhancement in beauty to the overall self-esteem, psyche and resolve of her clients as they face hardship or daily stress.   With her Masters in Business Administration, Bee manages her business in a professional manner, determined to provide timely service, quality products, and a defined process that ensures all Stars receive the attention they deserve.   

All in all, Bee’s triumphant victory over her own professional and personal challenges has ignited a desire to help others meet their own challenges with the right determination and focus.  If her service, atmosphere and positive words can push her clients to persevere, her purpose has been realized.

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1 Corinthians 13:13 - “Three things will last forever- Faith, Hope, and Love- and the greatest of these is love.” (NLT)


The Bee Hollywood Purpose

Bee Hollywood Studio strives to not only service the hair, but also the heart and soul of our clients, as we provide a relaxed, collaborative atmosphere emanating with positive energy.  Our clients are our Stars, treated from a place of true love of our Stars and of the work we do.  Thus, we invest time to expand our knowledge base through continuous education and research to ensure we are able to fulfill our Stars’ needs in the most effective and healthy way as possible.  As we adapt to the ever-evolving beauty industry, we master various new techniques in achieving the desired overall look and feel for our valued Stars.  As our Stars enjoy exceptional hair care, we provide steps for continued hair maintenance and health.  Our goal is to make our Stars feel their best, no matter the event and occasion, as we dedicate ourselves to their beauty and well-being.

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