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       Everyone needs that reminder, tip, or suggestion to get them back into the game. I’m here to increase your motivation every week. It can be hard to stay consistent and we could all use that extra weekly boost to keep us progressing. There are so many trials we go through and it can redirect our focus, so I’m here to keep you focused!!


       EPISODE 1: 

      Trailer: The Beginning Steps To Success

      Quick intro to catch the positive vibes I’m here for!!! Let’s stay in the game! Launches 11/4/19 Monday.


      EPISODE 2:

      How To Be/Stay Positive

      I have 3 important tips that will help you maintain a positive attitude/ vibe this week!!! Conquer the week love!!


      EPISODE 3:


      Embrace the person that you currently are and headed to be!!


      EPISODE 4:

      Day To Day Purposeful Living

      What's your PURPOSE?? I interview Adeola Adebowale, Adeola who is the Founder and CEO of Your Purposeful Living, a Purpose, Mindset and Lifestyle Coaching Firm where they help professional millennial women who struggle with delay and disappointment to find faith, purpose and fulfillment so they become their highest self.  They help women to achieve their dreams through free workshops, masterclasses, courses, coaching and a FREE Facebook community and in person monthly small groups.  She also releases two videos a week on her YouTube channel also called Your Purposeful Living.  Adeola is very passionate about helping women to succeed in life and to reach the ultimate goal of living a fulfilled life.  She is also a professor of Biological science and a Bible Teacher.  She is w huge family woman currently resides in Southern Maryland with her family.

      Guest Speaker:  Adeola Adebowale

      IG- @yourpurposefulliving

      YouTube- Your Purposeful Living


      EPISODE 5: 

      (IOS) How To Give/Receive Compliments 

      (ANDROID) How To Give/Receive Compliments

      Let’s compliment and encourage one another, especially our children. Build someone up this week!

      EPISODE 6: 



      How has your MH been? I interviewed Sorena Eaddy, a native of Wilmington, Delaware, is an author, inspirational speaker, licensed minister, and licensed clinical social worker. She is also the owner of Confidence in You Services, LLC where she provides mental health counseling, couples counseling, life coaching, and spiritual counseling.  She has accomplished many things to include writing her first book “The Word of the Day” and launching her first book tour where she traveled throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, Delaware, and California. She’s collaborated with author Ashley Love and others on the book Tainted Elegance: Simply Beautiful. She is a board member for All About Caring Project Inc., an organization that believes in providing, promoting, and finding purpose in our youth. She has had numerous opportunities to speak at churches, conferences, and schools. She also officiates weddings and helps couples build healthy relationships. Her passion is to empower men and women of all races to develop a lifestyle that consists of learning to love you and finding your greatest potential.

      Guest Speaker:  Sorena Eaddy

      IG- @ciyservices



      EPISODE 7: 



      Have you taken time to set a plan to accomplish your next goal. We inter view and old college friend of mine Dr. Prince Awuah. Dr. Prince Awuah attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Next, Dr. Awuah attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he obtained his PhD in Cellular and Molecular Pathology. At the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Awuah investigated critical mechanisms/pathways of liver cancer using liver regeneration after injury and liver development as models. From there, Dr. Awuah came back to the Maryland area pursue advanced training and to investigate potential therapeutics for various cancers. During his training, Dr. Awuah also pursued his other interests/passion in the area of personal finance. His desire to understand money and how money works was started at the age of 16 when he was first exposed to the topic. His passion to pursue in depth knowledge of finance made a huge impact on his life and this led him to obtain financial licenses/certifications so that he could help and coach others to achieve financial peace. Currently, Dr. Awuah works as a toxicologist and spends the majority of his time working to protect the health of the public, while also making time to gradually grow and build his financial business to help people achieve financial success.

      Host: BEE IG-@ms.hollywood__

      IG/FB: @beehollywood

      Guest Speaker:  Dr. Prince Awuah

      IG: @young_barack


      LinkedIn: Dr. Prince Awuah