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      Trailer: Stay Encouraged (Sz.2):

      Quick intro to catch the positive vibes I’m here for!!! Let’s stay encouraged! Romans 12:2 (NIV)" Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." Launches 2/24/20 Monday.

      Episode 1: KICK START 2020 (Sz.2):

      Welcome to 2020 loves. How has the year been treating you? Email us at In this episode my husband and I share how things have gone thus far this year. The good and the struggles, but we also share skills that we are implementing that could also help you. Tune In!!   
      Host: BEE
      IG/FB- @beehollywood


      On this episode, I interview Co-Pastor Nina Cooper on stepping out of our comfort zones. She has served 35 years in ministry with her husband, Bishop David C. Cooper and together they serve as shepherds of the New Hope Full Gospel Baptist Church of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their vision is to equip, empower, and encourage believers to fulfill their roles as kingdom priests, to impact the lives of their  fellowman through effective ministry, and to serve as examples of excellence and compassion in ministry. She is presently finishing her Ph.D. in intercultural communication at the University of New Mexico where she teaches in the Communication & Journalism Department and assists graduate students with conflict management in her role as ombudsperson for graduates. She continues to be used by God as a catalyst to help other believers experience a life of worship and prayer that is dynamic, powerful, and effective.

      Episode 3: SEASON OF PRAYER (Sz.2):

      This is truly a time for us to come together as one, and PRAY. Scriptures to read are: Psalms 91, Psalms 23, 2 Timothy 1:7, Philippians 4:6-7, Psalms 55:22, 2 Chronicles 7:14. Take time to pray for forgiveness, for the world, our leaders, essential workers, the medical field, your family, yourself, etc. 

      Episode 4: ESTIMATED TIME!! (Sz.2):

      On this episode, I interviewed Tiara Nicole on "Estimated Time". Nobody planned for this quarantine to happen,but while we are stuck at home lets take her advise on was to manage your time.Tiara Nicole is a motivational speaker who focused on time management, leadership development, and women's empowerment. She has experience speaking to large and intimate audiences while maintaining connection and engagement throughout. Each presentation is100% tailored to the event and it's audiences and will provide transformational content intended to motivate, inspire, AND provide tangible and actionable resources for next steps. She believes in not only sharing WHAT audience members should do but the HOW behind it! She has published three books all centered on developing the reader's individual experience within their personal challenges. 23...And Finally Loving Me speaks to the journey to self-love,healing, and growth! When Life Gives You Lemons... speaks to the challenges of persevering when life ACTUALLY gives you sour moments in life. Life After Loss speaks to HOW to survive the grief of miscarriage and how to support people through that process. Additionally, she serves as a development coach who works step-by-step with her clients in individual and group settings to be able to ensure transformation. She covers personal and business development topics to meet her clients where they are and grow along the journey together!   
      Instagram -  @TiaraNicoleRiley 
      Twitter -  @TiaraNicoleRiley 
      YouTube - Nicole’s Network
      Facebook - Nicole’s Network
      Episode 5: GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!! (Sz.2):
      Who knew we would be going through a quarantine in 2020. This podcast was done prior, but I believe it still has relevance to how we can get our mind right and accomplish something while in quarantine. I interviewed Andrew Amaechi who is a Digital Transformation Manager with a large Fortune 500 IT consulting firm and is also the Founder and CEO of Generation Mastermind, which is a positive media brand and online/offline community that helps millennial's learn, connect and grow. His hobbies include working out, playing basketball, listening to podcasts, traveling and indulging in everything related to art. He holds a B.S. in Biology and a Masters in Public Health (with a concentration in business management and information systems)
      IG/FB- @generationmastermind
      Episode 6: Not Giving Up  (Sz.2):
      I interviewed Dr. Melvin Ego-Osuala earlier this year prior to COVID-19. He discussed his struggles and success in his journey thus far. Dr. Melvin and his team have been great front liners during these times in their community. Be sure to visit their social sites.  
      Obinna Melvin Ego-Osuala, MD is a second generation Nigerian who practices as a pediatrician in both private practice and emergency medicine primarily in Prince Georges County Maryland. Most of his patients refer to me as "Dr. Melvin," and he is one of seven siblings; he come from a career driven hard working family. His older siblings and parents are doctors alike. He was born in Nigeria however at the age of 10 years old his father emigrated to United States to pursue better career opportunities. His fathers unwavering work ethic fueled his passion to strive and achieve whatever goals he set forth for himself and is very foundational to who he is today as a physician. In December 2019, Dr. Melvin successfully launched his own pediatric practice called Edge Pediatrics located within his community of Greenbelt, MD. They provide care from birth into early adulthood. 
      IG/FB- @edgepediatrics
      Episode 7: Giving Back To Your Community  (Sz.2):
      Elder Charles, his wife Lady Constance and their two sons, Charles, Jr. and Justice, have been faithful members of New Hope Full Gospel Baptist Church in Albuquerque Uptown Area, since 2016. Under the anointed leadership of Bishop David C. Cooper and Co-Pastor, Nina Cooper, Elder Charles has been the Director of New Hope’s Prison Ministry since 2018. During his time as Director of the Prison Ministry, he has preached and led several souls to be saved at the Metropolitan Detention Center. He is also an active member of the Men’s Ministry “Move”, Minister’s Alliance and a regular teacher for Bible Institute. Prior to Elder Charles’ move to Albuquerque, he and his family were loyal, dedicated members of God’s Exciting Cathedral of Praise Baptist Church, in Desoto, Texas. For 13 years, Elder Charles served as an Associate Minister in New Members Orientation, Sunday School, Men’s Ministry, Evangelism Ministry and the Singles Ministry. Both Elder Charles and his wife served as leaders over the Singles Ministry, in which they were blessed to feed the homeless, street ministry, visit nursing homes, and fellow-shipped with other church Single Ministries. Finally, Elder Charles’ greatest passion is Prison Ministry. He has worked tirelessly with the goal of taking back what the enemy has stolen from us! He believes that too many souls have been lost to the criminal justice system. His goal is to bring light and justice to a dark and unjust society through God’s word.
      Episode 8: Stepping Out In Love!!  (Sz.2):
      Relationships have took a turning point in our generation, especially now with COVID-19. I interviewed Yoni to give us her feedback and suggestions. Yoni M. is a vibrant Washington DC native who  curates intriguing conversations that highlight the good, the bad, and the awkwardness of dating, sex, and relationships. As the host of Yoni Talks TV, she encourages audiences to explore perspectives of the opposite sex and pushes boundaries on modern-day dating. Unconventional experiences in her own dating life often lead to stimulating and captivating conversations on how we approach dating in the present day. Her philosophy is that all relationships should fundamentally be fun and honest without the pressure’s of societal norms.
      IG: yonitalkstv
      Twitter: yonitalkstv
      Facebook: yonitalkstv
      YouTube: Yonitalks2much
      Episode 9: You Wanna Talk About MaMa's!!  (Sz.2):
      Happy Mother's Day to all my listeners and all of the women in this podcast! Thank you to every mother that shared and gave encouragement to other mothers, I appreciate you. Share with someone you know this can help!!
      Episode 10: Reactions To Underlined Truths! (Sz.2):
      How are you feeling? How are you coping? What are you doing? What's Next? Its going to take time, but every minute counts.
      This is the conversation and right now this will be the conversation until changes continue to be made.
      Pslams 55:22 "Cast your BURDENS on the LORD and He will SUSTAIN you"
      A few Instagram Pages to follow. Website links are withing their individual bios.
      @blklivesmatter- Official IG for the #BlackLivesMatter Global Network. BLM is a call to action & response to anti-Black racism. Join the movement. (meetings and awareness)
      @naacp- Founded 1909, the NAACP is the nation's first and largest grassroots–based civil rights organization. Over 2,000 volunteer-run branches nationwide. (awareness, signing petitions, and giving donations)
      @changedotorg - The world’s platform for change (awareness, signing petitions, and giving donations)
      @shaunking- Stay up to date on all causes. Here to help build the largest, most effective grassroots civil rights organization in the country. ⁣Volunteer & Donate TODAY!
      Films to Watch
      I Am Not Your Negro
      Malcolm X
      When They See Us